UPR Tanzania - Follow up

UPR Tanzania - Follow up

Posted 1 year ago

LHRC is pleased to share a letter from the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council to the United Republic of Tanzania on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process during its 3rd cycle in the 39th and 49th sessions. The letter was published on the UN Human Rights Council website with key recommendations which should be prioritized by the United Republic of Tanzania.

LHRC participated fully in organizing and consultation with state and non-state actors and ultimately came up with a comprehensive Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) UPR shadow report, which was contributed by more than 280 NGOs in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar from 2018–2022.

The main objective of sharing this document is to inform the public on its monitoring role and areas of priority where civil society should collaborate with government institutions to achieve the desired outcome of promotion and protection of human rights.

LHRC extends her sincere gratitude to all organizations that contributed to the preparation of the CSO UPR shadow report and effective engagement in the UPR process. Furthermore, we call for more collaboration to monitor implementation of the accepted recommendation by the United Republic of Tanzania.

Please click the link to read the document.