The team of LHRC and UHAKIKI Project meet with DFID

The team of LHRC and UHAKIKI Project meet with DFID

Posted 6 years ago

On Wednesday, October 25, 2017, LHRC joined UHAKIKI Project coordinators team in a meeting with the DFID at the DFID offices in Dar es Salaam.

The purpose of the meeting was to reflect on lessons learned over the past three years through the implementation of the project. Representatives from DFID, the Norwegian Embassy, Swedish Embassy, USAID, KPMG, and the Embassy of Netherlands joined LHRC at the representatives from the UHAKIKI team.

The Civil and Political Rights Project, known as the UHAKIKI project, was funded by DFID. It provided capacity development and advisory support to LHRC and partners to enhance tracking, outreach, and advocacy on key civil and political rights in Tanzania.

The team of UHAKIKI and LHRC highlighted some key achievements of the project. This included enhanced tracking on civil and political rights, through strengthened reporting on civil and political rights in the Tanzania Human Rights Report as well as the development of the Tanzania Civil and Political Rights Perception Index.

Another key achievement highlighted during the meeting is enhanced public outreach and advocacy on civil and political rights, through the active and coordinated coalition with new and existing partners on a targeted advocacy campaign focusing on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Assembly. This was also done through targeted media engagement at national and local levels (community radio) and strengthened partnership with key partners, including ZLSC, to enhance and promote the ‘voice’ of civil society.

The meeting also included reflections on a lesson learned and how capacity development and advisory support has strengthened LHRC’s way of working, particularly with partners and duty bearers.

In response, DFID together with other development partners commended the value that the UHAKIKI project has added to the LHRC work and suggests that LHRC makes every effort to sustain the good work that has been facilitated by the project.

Furthermore, the LHRC appreciated the massive contributions by the project and plans to integrate them in its coming operation plan.