Respect rule of law and separation of power, government officials urged

Respect rule of law and separation of power, government officials urged

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Legal and Human Rights Centre continues to monitor the government of the United Republic of Tanzania to ensure it adheres to principles of good governance and rule of law. It is in that course LHRC has observed ongoing violations on the rule of law and good governance by government officials.

On Saturday February 10, 2018, the Regional Commissioner for Dar es Salaam, Paul Makonda made an abuse of his power by unlawfully nullifying functions of the legally established Ward Land Tribunals in Dar es Salaam and verbally attacking the Judiciary.

RC Makonda was addressing the gathering that he organized to bring together people with land disputes related issues and delay of access to justice. During the meeting Makonda unreasonably declared the nullification of functions of Ward Land Tribunal in Dar es Salaam ignoring the fact that Ward Tribunals were legally established and its functions are protected by three different Acts. Ward Tribunals are established by the Ward Tribunals Act 1985, and their functions in land disputes settlement at the grassroots level are recognized by Land Act, 1999 and Land Conflict Resolution Act, 2002. According to Land Act No 4 and 5, 1999. The authority to administer and efficacy of the tribunals are vested to neither regional commissioners nor any other authority but the Minister responsible for land. Simultaneously, RC Makonda was quoted abusing the power of judiciary claiming that the judiciary has been relaying on separation of power to delay dispensing of justice.

Legal and Human Rights Centre strongly condemn abuse of power and call for the government leaders and politicians to respect the rule of law and principles of separation of power. LHRC also calls upon the government to find proper mechanisms in disputes settlement instead of using citizens’ problems for political motives.

The judiciary should continue to raise awareness to the general public on access to justice and rule of the law in the country in order to enhance the capacity of the general public on justice system in Tanzania and how to go about it. Legal and Human Rights Centre urges the general public to follow proper forums in the process of pursuing legal remedy.