On International Women’s Day: Stakeholders appeal women to be bold for change

On International Women’s Day: Stakeholders appeal women to be bold for change

Posted 6 years ago

On International Women’s Day: Stakeholders appeal women to be bold for change

The Legal and Human Rights Centre in collaboration with other women’s rights stakeholders joined the rest of the world to celebrate women’s achievements in the world and Tanzania in particular. LHRC organized a one day stakeholder’s forum bringing under one roof more than 270 participants from multiple sectors and regions.

The forum aimed at honoring women and sensitizes the public to get rid of all forms of gender based violence which pulls back women’s social, economic and political liberation. Further, the forum meant to promote this year’s global theme “Be Bold For Change” as well as national theme i.e. Industrialized Tanzania: Women are the Foundation to Economic Transformation (Tanzania ya Viwanda: Wanawake ni Msingi wa Mabadiliko).

The chief guest for the forum Ms. Devotha Likokola endorsed the theme for the day by calling upon women all over Tanzania to be courageous in grabbing available opportunities for their economic advancement. “Despite existing challenges women must be bold to grab available opportunities” said Likokola. She further encouraged women to intensify engagement in economic activities saying that the government designated the theme to recognize women’s contribution in national economic development in order to challenge women’s fate in development.

On the other hand Ms. Likokola called upon the government of Tanzania to put in place effective mechanism both legal and social frameworks that will guarantee maximum protection and promotion of women’s rights and dignity bearing in mind that women are the producers of the Labour Force in the country.

Subsequently, the LHRC launched an online campaign to appeal to the government of Tanzania to enact a law against Gender Based Violence. The proposed law will restricts all forms of gender based violence in the country. To learn more about the campaign visit https://tinyurl.com/GBVLegalandHumanRightsCentre and please join us to make a difference.

LHRC with the support from the Legal Service Facility (LSF) joined hands with other human rights and women’s rights organization and made the day a great success. The organizations include: TAWLA, TAMWA, WAT, WATED, HELP AGE INTERNATIONAL, TAWIA, WOFATA, NETWO, WLAC, EFG, JBS, CWCA, ULINGO, TANGYWA, WILDAF, CAGBV and NHNWF.

Participants of Women's Day forum in a buoyant mood

Dr. Helen Kijo-Bisimba expand on the forum before members of the press

Chief Guest, Ms. Devotha Likokola (forefront) wave with a smile to sign the launch of anti GBV online campaign.