LHRC Participation in the 2019 CSO Week: What to Anticipate?

LHRC Participation in the 2019 CSO Week: What to Anticipate?

Posted 4 years ago

LHRC in partnership with other like-minded organizations coordinate and participate in the 2019 CSO Week. Through this week, we aim at increasing engagement on human rights issues among members of the public, duty bearers and stakeholders including CSOs, development partners and corporates. This year’s commemorations have been themed as “Progress through Partnership: Collaboration as a Driver for Development in Tanzania”. The event is set to take place in Dodoma from November 4th – 8th. LHRC is keen to continue creating awareness on laws and human rights, providing legal aid to marginalized and take forward issues of advocacy for desired societal change.

For LHRC, CSO Week is a platform to network, highlight her work, share experience, learn from other actors, celebrate achievements, discuss and devise joint solutions to legal and human rights challenges as far as attainment of our vision of a just and equitable society is concerned. To make effective and meaningful use of the platform, LHRC will disseminate human rights awareness materials during exhibition; conduct sessions to share experiences, discuss and ponder about various issues of human rights; provide legal aid and empowerment to participants as well as engage in the conference and other activities during the week.

LHRC will host three side events. The first session is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 5. This will be a joint session co-hosted with Policy Forum focusing on the role of collaboration in influencing policy change at the national level. Another two sessions are scheduled to take place on Wednesday, November 6. One focuses on how strategic litigation influences law reforms in Tanzania and the other is on the role of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in enhancing access to justice in Tanzania.

LHRC is also contesting for CSO Excellence Awards. The awards aim at recognizing and honoring achievements and contributions made by different institutions or individuals that have influenced development policy and practice in Tanzania.

There is so much to anticipate during this week. For more information about this fascinating week, which celebrates the contribution of CSOs in Tanzania; kindly visit https://csoweek.info/