Ireland and LHRC Sign three-year Grant to Promote Human Rights and Democracy in Tanzania

Ireland and LHRC Sign three-year Grant to Promote Human Rights and Democracy in Tanzania

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The Embassy of Ireland in Tanzania has extended her support to the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) with a three-year grant worth €700,000. The grant by the Irish Embassy is intended to support LHRC's core activities under LHRC's Strategic Plan 2019 - 2025 with special focus on the promotion of gender equality and democracy in Tanzania. 

Speaking during the grant signing event that took place on September 2, 2019, at the Embassy's office in Dar es Salaam; the LHRC's Executive Director, Ms Anna Henga expressed her gratitude to Ambassador Paul Sherlock for the support.

 "I wish to sincerely thank you for untiring support to human rights cause among other development initiatives in Tanzania. You have been closely working with us on issues of human rights and good governance. Our ties have been very strong for no other reason but the advancement of human rights in Tanzania. In November last year (2018), you supported us with a project that aimed at improving safety and security among human rights activists including our human rights monitors and paralegals all over the country. The project has been very instrumental in raising awareness on safety and security among human rights activists especially at this moment of increasing threats against human rights activists globally". - said Ms Anna Henga

Additionally, Anna Henga welcomed the Embassy as a new core partner supporting the LHRC's six years Strategic Plan 2019 - 2025.

"Now that the Embassy has decided to support our core cause as defined under our strategic plan 2019-2025, we are even more grateful because this sends a good message to us (LHRC) and all friends of human rights that the cause we are embracing is worthwhile. At LHRC we believe that Human Rights holds a very special place not only in Tanzania but all over the world because as human beings we are entitled to enjoying human rights notwithstanding our differences". - Anna added.

On the other end, the Ireland Ambassador in Tanzania H.E. Paul Sherlock praised LHRC for the good work and wished them successful implementation of the planned activities.

As Tanzania strives to graduate from the low-income economy to middle-income economy as stipulated in the country's vision 2025, LHRC continues to strongly hold the opinion that these development initiatives can only be effectively achieved with the presence of strong human rights centred policies and institutions. Therefore, LHRC will continue to advocate for legal and policies reforms as well as the change of practice among right holders and duty bearers to be human rights sensitive.

Generally, support by the Embassy of Ireland in Tanzania extends to three (3) main thematic areas including Gender Equality and Human Rights; Environmental Sustainability and Climate Action and Management; as well as Technology and Innovation.

For more information about the Embassy of Ireland in Tanzania, kindly visit their website