LHRC condemns the killing of forest officers, rangers by citizens

LHRC condemns the killing of forest officers, rangers by citizens

Posted 9 months ago

Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) Executive Director Anna Henga has condemned the killing of forest officers and rangers by citizens in Uvinza, Kigoma, reminding Tanzanians of the rule of law principle that governs the country.

In a statement released on February 8, 2023, Henga said the killing occurred on January 31, 2023, when forest officers and rangers visited a village forest reserve in Chakulu while patrolling illegal animal grazing in the area.

“LHRC received the news on the killing of the forest officers and rangers with great sadness,” Henga said in a statement, calling the act a violation of Article 14 of Tanzania’s Constitution which guarantees the right to life to every person.

“LHRC would like to urge Tanzanians to stop taking laws into their own hands which lead to the loss of people’s lives,” Henga said in a statement.

“It must be remembered that those killed are important people as their duties of protecting the forest exist legally,” she added.

Henga called for authorities to look after the people who are responsible for the murder of innocent people so that they can face justice according to the country’s laws.

“The government should also work on improving the relations between the communities surrounding conservation areas and conservation officers,” Henga suggested.

“This will help prevent fighting, deaths and destruction of properties from happening,” she said.

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