LHRC releases 2023 annual report, milestones in human rights advocacy

LHRC releases 2023 annual report, milestones in human rights advocacy

Posted 1 month ago

The Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) has unveiled its Annual Report for 2023, highlighting significant achievements in line with its six-year strategic plan. As the organization moves through the second year of its operational plan (2022-2024), the report showcases LHRC's extensive efforts in promoting human rights and basic freedoms, reaching millions of Tanzanians through various platforms.

In 2023, LHRC engaged 16.8 million individuals through 790 initiatives. Haki TV exceeded its target viewership, attracting 272,423 viewers. At the same time, social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram expanded awareness, despite a noted gender disparity favoring male users on Twitter (80%) and Instagram (73.3%).

The Haki Kiganjani system responded to 50% of the 1,919 reported human rights violations, with women representing 56% of victims. While many cases remain pending at police stations, 12% were successfully resolved, and 29% were referred for legal aid, particularly in land-related disputes.

LHRC’s police training program on gender and human rights issues trained 5,290 officers, with a 23% increase in participant knowledge. Additionally, LHRC's recommendations significantly influenced the Universal Health Insurance Act, ensuring access to essential services like the National ID and passports.

In a landmark achievement, LHRC challenged a provision of the Immigration Act, reinforcing judicial review rights. Their advocacy also led to lifting the 2016 ban on political rallies, enhancing civic space and freedom of association. Amendments to the Media Service Act of 2016, influenced by LHRC, improved freedom of expression and reduced penalties for media-related offenses.

LHRC expanded its legal aid services, assisting 29,491 clients—a 50% increase from the previous year—and winning 209 court cases, with a success rate higher for male clients (68%) than female clients (32%).

Collaborative efforts led to the development of the National Marriage Reconciliation Guidelines, launched in September 2023. LHRC's gender equality initiatives achieved a board and workforce gender ratio favoring females (63% and 62% respectively).

The report also highlights a growing number of women aspiring to candidacy in the 2024 Local Government Elections in the Pwani region, reflecting successful empowerment programs led by women councilors.

LHRC's recommendations saw increased implementation, with a rise from 31% in 2021 to 35% in 2022, showcasing the effectiveness of their advocacy.

As LHRC continues its mission, these milestones reflect its unwavering commitment to advancing human rights and justice across Tanzania.