Renewal of Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Norway and the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC).

Renewal of Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Norway and the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC).

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Yeasterday, 12th of July 2022 the Government of Norway and the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) renewed its cooperation agreement in support of LHRC’s Strategic Plan (2019-2024) and complimentary Operational Plan (2022-2024). The concluded cooperation between Norway and LHRC was in support of the first phase of LHRC’s Strategic Plan (2019 - 2021) and Operational Plan (2019/22).

The three-year partnership agreement (2022-2024) which includes a financial contribution of eighteen million (18,000,0000) Norwegian Krones (approximately USD 1.7 million) was signed by H.E. Ambassador Elizabeth Jacobsen, Ambassador of Norway to Tanzania and Advocate Anna Henga, Executive Director to LHRC. This contribution will be used to support the core programmes and operations of LHRC.

Norway is a strong supporter of human rights in Tanzania. In her remarks H.E. Elizabeth Jacobsen, Ambassador of Norway congratulated LHRC for successfully articulating its new operational plan for 2022-2024, which is a three-year roadmap towards advocating for a just and equitable society towards 2024. H.E. Jacobsen added “promotion and protection of human rights including the rights of women and minorities and vulnerable groups, is at the core of Norway’s foreign policy. Universal human rights constitute a fundamental part of the rules-based international order that Norway supports” She continued to add “we are proud to support an organization like LHRC, which works tirelessly on such vital issues as reducing pre-trial waiting periods, eradicating intimate partner violence and violence against women, improving access to justice, advancing freedom of the press and freedom of speech, and much more.”
In her remarks, LHRC’s Executive Director Advocate Anna Henga said “…I wish to thank you Excellency, for the trust given by the Government of Norway to LHRC and the work that we do” she continues to reaffirm “…LHRC will continue to participate in the constitutional review process as we have championed this exercise from the onset, while also supporting the government of Tanzania to promote democracy and the protection of human rights. LHRC is committed still to deliver on its mandate and envisioned results through implementing its programmes efficiently and effectively, while observing value for money; and in collaboration with governance stakeholders and partners, work towards achieving a just and equitable society.”

Norway is a long-term global supporter of women’s rights. In Tanzania, Norway has supported the National Plan of Action to end violence against women and children (NPA-VAWC); efforts to devise a National Plan of Action of Women Peace and Security, efforts to encourage inclusion of women in science and technology through partnership with Engineers Registration Board; enhancing resilience to climate change and accessibility of clean energy through REDD in collaboration with the Vice-President’s Office (VPO) and support to SAGCOT efforts in enhancing agricultural development where women are the key stakeholders.

H.E. Elisabeth Jacobsen concluded her remarks by reaffirming “our partnerships are crucial for us to meet our shared aims and further our shared values. We look forward to building years of partnership with LHRC and furthering our fruitful cooperation to advance the cause of human rights in Tanzania”.

The event concluded by LHRC and The Embassy of Norway reaffirming their shared commitment to supporting the government of the United Republic of Tanzania to promote democracy and respect for human rights to achieve a just and equitable society, which will contribute fervently to social and economic human development.