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Mlinzi wa Haki Newsletter - January to March 2018

  • Mlinzi wa Haki Newsletter - January to March 2018


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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to another issue of our Mlinzi wa Haki newsletter, with this one compiling stories on activities and interventions that LHRC conducted from January to March 2018. This is the second issue of our newsletter after LHRC was officially granted a license to publish its newsletter titled Mlinzi wa Haki (Human Rights Guardian).

In this reporting period, LHRC engaged into the number of noteworthy activities with a drive of attaining a just and equitable society. Among other things, LHRC marked the international women’s day in style by organizing Women’s Gala to bring women from various sectors to commemorate the day. Another unforgettable event is a national dialogue on constitution and peacebuilding in Tanzania. The dialogue brought together stakeholders from the government, civil society organizations, religious institutions, political parties, academic institutions, media and the general public to discuss and suggest the way forward in the attainment of the new constitution in Tanzania.

Also, the Centre continued with implementation of various projects in different regions of Tanzania counting implementation of the Dreams Innovation Challenge Project in Shinyanga; implementation of FGM Eradication Project in Serengeti, Mara; the implementation of the Countering Violence Extremism in Arusha and Tanga; implementation of the Urban Legal Empowerment Project in Dar es Salaam region as well as implementation of the project to expand civic space in the country. We have confidently continued to raise our voice against violations of human rights and rule of law, calling on both duty bearers and right holders to play their roles in the protection of the same.

In this reporting quarter, LHRC joined friends of human rights in the country and all over the world to condemn killings of Akwilina Akwilini and Godfrey Luena and call for accountability of the government and the public. Through its Kinondoni and Arusha legal aid clinics as well as mobile legal aid services, the Legal and Human Rights Centre has continued with the provision of legal aid with a view of tapping issues for advocacy. Total of 2,577 clients (849 Female and 1728 Male) have been provided with legal assistance in the period of January to March 2018.

Moreover, in a bid to guarantee access to justice to everyone, LHRC in this reporting quarter launched four legal aid centers in four wards counting Somangila and Kibada in Kigamboni district as well as Mnyamani and Kitunda wards in Ilala districts, Dar es Salaam. Kindly take your time to enjoy reading through the issue and please do not hesitate to comment.

Mlinzi wa Haki Newsletter - January to March 2018

Dr. Helen Kijo-Bisimba

Executive Director