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The Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) is winding up the implementation of its six year Strategic Plan (SP) 2013-18 as well as its three year Operational Plan (2016-18). In its initial stages for the future plans, the LHRC is looking for the local consultant  and international consultant that will work together for organization evaluation.

Legal and Human Rights Centre is a national nongovernmental human rights organization founded and registered in 1995 under the Companies Ordinance, Chapter 212 of the laws of Tanzania as a company without shares limited by guarantee. For more about the LHRC visit www.humanrights.or.tz

Purpose of Evaluation

The main purpose of this evaluation is to assess LHRC’s implementation of the six years strategic plan in line with the OECD/DAC evaluation criteria for relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability.

The evaluation should take into account the political, social, economic and regulatory context in which the strategic plan has been implemented or other factors that have been directly relevant to program implementation.

To conduct a comprehensive and objective end-term evaluation in order to validate results reported and to use the results to inform the design of the next LHRC’s Strategic plan (2019 – 2024). The main inquiry will be on three key issues: Results, Strategic choices, and Organizational Development. 

Consultant’s Minimum Qualifications

The evaluation excercise  expects to have a team of two consultants with at least one international and one local. The need for the local consultants is due to language as most beneficiaries speak Swahili but also due to the understanding of the context in which the LHRC operates. In terms of team composition, the consultants are expected to cover the following key qualifications:

The Lead Consultant should have the following minimum qualifications:

  1. Bachelors’ degree in Law (or eqvivalent) and a Masters degree in a relevant field;
  2. Minimum of five years of professional work experience in areas pertaining to access to justice and legal aid service provision;
  3. Current expert knowledge of access to justice at an international level;
  4. Excellent research and analytical skills, in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies;
  5. Excellent writing skills in English; and
  6. Previous experience of similar assignments is an added advantage.

The Lead Consultant will be expected to work with a local/regional consultant who combined should have the following minimum expertise:

  • Expert knowledge on the current efforts to enhance access to justice and human rights in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar;
  • Swahili-speaking;
  • Legal aid;
  • Social Work;
  • Law;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Justice and governance sector reforms; and
  • Statistics.

Applications should be sent to the following address:

Executive Director

Legal and Human Rights Centre

P.O BOX 75254

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


Email: lhrc@humanrights.or.tz

Deadline for applications will be on  June 15, 2018 at 16.00 hrs



  • Says:
    May 5th ,2018 1:58 PM

    I wish to apply for the position of the local consultant because I believe in what LHRC stands for. Epiphania Mfundo

  • Says:
    May 5th ,2018 10:41 AM

    Habari. Mimi nimemaliza shahada ya kwanza katika fani ya law and sharia, 2014, na nimeapishwa kuwa Advocate 2015. Nahitaji kufanya kazi za kujitolea (volunteers) zinazohusia na sheria haswaa kwenye human right. Itanisaidia ili kuongeza ujuzi.


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